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Who are we?

We Are Fun


We love the faith life and our joy is infectious. We always invite people along for the ride.

We Are Young and Modern


We appeal to growing families and young professionals. We aim directly at this demographic. We embrace technology and innovation. We look beyond today to anticipate what is relevant tomorrow.

We Are Visionary

ornament1 We are on a mission. We know that our message changes lives, so we declare it boldly. We think big, look forward, and expect results.

We Are Connected

ornament1 From the children church to our entrepreneurial empowerment projects, relationships are the essential building block of The Baptizing Church, Lekki, we focus on people.

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TBC Lekki Blog

So here I am reading the Bible and in John 2, I read again the story of the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine. Now I have read this story countless times in the past but today I got a new…for lack of another word, let me call it a “revelation”. My revelation is…

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