Just before you think that you are going through the worst situation in life and God doesn’t really care about your matter, halt a bit and let’s have a discussion.

See I love to remind you that the very essence of your existence is to show forth the praises of he who has called you out of darkness into his marvellous light- 1st Peter 2: 9.

Let’s face it, haven’t you noticed that the more you keep holding on to that pain, struggle, and seemingly difficult situation, the more it feels like there is no way out of it, but really there is a way out.

The Devils’ very aim is to destabilize you, make you lose your focus and true passion to worship God. His mission still remains the same- To kill, steal and destroy. But we are assured of a better way, a better life.

Can I ask that you lay that situation down before Jesus feet, can I request that with supernatural joy, you draw out from the well of salvation, can I request that you allow the Holy Spirit pamper you daily?

You don’t need to go about life feeling helpless, because you’ve got an advantage. There is nothing too big, too small, too magnanimous for the lord to take care of, just lay it all on him.

Even in this period of our 21 days prayer and fasting, consciously drop off that burden, stress and choose to live life lighter. And the very way to do that is to rejoice in this season because that very clarity you desire for your next level will be revealed in your joy moments.

And again I say, Rejoice!

Stay Influential!!!

by ‘Wunmi Adegoke

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