Hebrews 4:16, makes it clear that there is such a time as “A time of need’’ for everyone on the face of the earth. Jesus first miracle also shows this as he responded to a need by providing wine at the wedding in Cana. For different people, a time of need may mean different things: a job placement, promotion, salary raise, relocation, a baby, marriage etc…

It is clear from Jesus’s mission statement that he wants us to enjoy the life that we live. Hence another very profound thing to note from Hebrews 4:16 is that we all have access to come boldly before the throne of grace and present our needs. However, many a times, believers don’t often present their needs but think they do. I have realized that even after this open access, certain things still hinder believers from approaching the throne of grace.

One of the things that clearly hold believers bound from approaching the throne of grace is that they often want someone to pray for them. It may seem very noble to say- Pray for me, but under the new covenant, we can pray for ourselves by ourselves. If you are experiencing need in any area, or you need to get something fixed in your life, create time and consecrate yourself in prayers.

Another angle that most believers cheat themselves out of enjoying God’s best is waiting for a special word or vision before they believe that God is with them. The word of God is very clear on this, God speaks and guides through his word. Take time to read and hear the word of God for yourself. Often times, believers engage in the exercise of jumping from one special crusade to the other, just to hear their cases being mentioned, but in truth, some go with a false expectation and often miss the voice of God. A very practical way to hear God’s voice in time of need is to sit with the scriptures. And even while attending such meetings, whatever is being said will be a confirmation of what God has said to you in your closet.

In conclusion, if you are currently experiencing a time of need in your life, be encouraged because you have access to the father, every time and anytime.

Are you born again? Do you have the Spirit if God in you, then you are qualified? Simply go before God as a son, even if as a prodigal son!

Stay Influential!!!

By ‘Wunmi Adegoke

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