Have you felt dejected and alone on your Christian walk?
Are there times where you felt life was unfair to you?
and you are walking this faith walk alone?

I have been there several times, moments when I thought God was unfair to me and challenges were peculiar to I alone. I won’t even try to blame anyone for feeling dejected or neglected in any situation they find themself, life happens and people go through stuffs for real.

But there is another side to this story. It’s a known fact that the devil’s clear mission is to steal, kill and destroy but a greater truth is that God has promised us life abundantly.

Here is how the devil operates:
Rarely will he come with a gun to steal from you, he uses imaginary tools to achieve his aim. He comes full force to attack your mind and play games with what you believe. Knowing fully well that the battle of life begins and ends in the mind, he sends subtle thoughts of ungratefulness, and depression and thoughts that makes you feel you are the worst person on earth.

Watch it…

Another tactic he uses is to make you feel your prayers aren’t being answered, how does he know of conversations between father and son? Once he succeeds with all this mission he ends it with his destructive plan. Be wise and smart, act on the offensive!

But you ask, how do I live victorious?
1. Praise your way through, it gets the devil mad
2. Remain in God’s word, that’s our surest banker.
3. Lean and trust the Holy Spirit to help you. He is your best friend.
4. Give no room to the devil to invade your thought, guard what you hear, say,
and people you interact with. Say no to Negativity!
5. Let the word of God have its perfect work in you, grow in the word.
6. Give no room to the devil, not even in your thoughts.
And above all else live a victorious life because that’s what God destined for you.

Stay Influential!!!

By ‘Wunmi Olagoke

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