Today for you, can be a Worry-free-Wednesday! Yes. And also for all other days.

Living a worry free life is possible but absolutely a choice everyone has to make. A continuous thought about things that has happened, are happening or will happen is detrimental to healthy living. Many a times, people engage in worrying over things, situations and circumstances because it feels like the right thing to do. However, in scriptures, Jesus admonished us that rather than worrying, we lay all our burdens on him.

Worrying in itself often may seem like an action, but in true sense, it’s cycling on the same spot- You keep moving your feet but the bicycle never moves an inch. A cue from the Holy Scriptures shows clearly that worrying over a matter doesn’t add anything beneficial to us as humans.

The words of Jesus in Mathew 6, further emphasizes this – how many of you by worrying can add a cubic of flesh to their life. This evidently attest to the truth that worrying is a fruitless stressor that never produces useful energy. It is good to know that living a worry- free life is clearly the way God expects us to live and hence he says – cast all your cares on me.

It is quite evident that life has a way of bringing challenges and situations our way just to shake us up and give us genuine reasons to worry, but one thing to note is that, everyone has a reason to worry, but choose to respond to it differently.

Below are some of the ways to achieve living a worry free life:

1. Take time to study Gods’ word: No doubt, the full assurance of victory we ever require in this life is wrapped up in Gods’ word. We need to create time to study and hear from God . God is our loving father and always wants to talk to us as father to son.

2. Take the word of God at face value: When you study the word of God, don’t think it’s for someone else, personalize it by applying it to your situation. There isn’t anything you are going through that is bigger than the word of God.

3. Set your heart to only trust the word of God: Learning to trust Gods’ word comes by daily practice, as you believe and trust that he died for you, also believe that he is able to take care of the situation.

4. Pray without ceasing: In 1st Thessalonians 5:17, we are admonished to pray without ceasing. In experiencing Gods’ peace over any matter, talk to him about it in prayers. There is nothing too big or too small to be brought before him in prayers.

In conclusion, worrying is a major tactic of the devil, whatever he wants to get done, he first starts by attacking the mind with fruitless thoughts or worry. The best way to defeat him and live a victorious life is by simply living on the word of God.

Stay Influential!!!

By ‘Wunmi Adegoke

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