In the midst of chaos
In the midst of the turmoil
In the midst of all the questions
He remains God

When we walk through the valley
When we pass through the sea,
Deeper than our eyes can see
Thicker and blurry the forest may be
And wilderness all around
He remains God

When we want answers to life question
When the mountain seems insurmountable
When challenges stare us in the face
With pillows wet with tears
And our hearts asks,
Lord, where are you Lord?

Have you waited for a miracle?
Have you trusted for a baby or two?
Have you waited for a spouse?
Have you hoped for a better tomorrow?
Has your heart been burdened?

Praise your way through
Accept his peace without a kobo
Trust even without knowing how
Pray like you’d never done
See him see you
Because in all
He remains God.

By ‘Wunmi Olagoke

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